How much will reading improve after the one-week Davis Dyslexia Correction program?

How much will reading improve after the one-week Davis Dyslexia Correction program?

The level of reading improvement with a Davis program is variable, depending on the age of the client, the degree to which the child or adult was struggling before commencing the program, and individual factors, which influence the rate of progress.

However, it is very common that a child who completes a Davis Dyslexia Correction program will be able to read at or near expected level for their age at the end of a five-day program.  In many cases, the student will be reading above grade level, even if the child was many years behind grade level at the outset.

In almost all cases there will be a noticeable improvement over the course of the program week.

Because of the individualized nature of our program, results can vary dramatically from person to person. Some people come to us with coordination difficulties, some with speech deficits, some with dyscalculia or dysgraphia, some with attention focus problems. We’ve worked with adults who can’t read at all who come up to a fifth-grade level or more within a week. There have been fifth graders who are reading in a struggling fashion who start at about 2-3 grade level and come up to about 5th grade. There have been both adults and children who cannot catch a ball who do so by the end of the week. Many people experience improvement in handwriting immediately, some within 6 months. Some who cannot hear or pronounce speech sounds suddenly are able to – some need to continue speech therapy but with an increased rate of improvement.

Long-term results of our program largely depend on how much follow-through the client does with the Davis reading exercises and Symbol Mastery of small words.  The results seen in the course of a one-week program working with a licensed Facilitator need to be sustained through at-home practice.