Attention Programs

Davis® Attention Mastery Program

A Davis Attention Mastery Program provides a drug-free solution to ADD/ADHD. This program is a 36-hour program, one-on-one with the facilitator. Developed for children (approximately age 8 and above), teens, and adults.

Individuals who are labeled or diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD) tend to be highly imaginative and creative thinkers. Often they have difficulty harnessing their ideas and translating thought to action. They know what they want to accomplish, but struggle when it comes to completing tasks and establishing organization in their lives.

The attention mastery program uses concept mastery which is a system of guided modeling of concepts, that enables individuals to develop personal insight and understanding into their self-created barriers through exploring concepts such as consequenceorder, and responsibility.

The program will address persistent characteristics associated with inattention and lack of focus.  Lack of focus (or a state of disorientation as we call it) is the core issue for those with ADD or ADHD because it undermines conceptual understanding. Learning Tools can help with tools that will make focusing quick and easy.

Skills learned and strengthened:

    • To create and monitor a focused state at will
    • To self-regulate energy levels to appropriately match the task at hand
    • To improve balance and coordination
    • To understand one’s own learning style and recognize its gifts
    • Increased self-esteem
    • Mastery and internalization of concepts directly related to problems with focusing, staying on task, organization, and social interactions
    • Acquire meaning of basic concepts: Self, Change, Consequence, Cause/Effect, Before/After, Time, Sequence, Order vs. Disorder
    • Application of concepts to real-life situations


A peak into a typical day of an Attention Program

    • Review previous days work
    • Check in and get into the grounded task oriented place using the new learned tools.
    • Play koosh balls while balancing
    • Clay concept work (exploring the concepts in the real world, creative clay models of the meaning of a word, making the word in clay, mastering the meaning of the concept using our tools, visualization, and and the model that was created)
    • Breaks throughout the day (typically there are 4 -6 breaks through out the day plus the one hour lunch)
    • This cycle of work is continued throughout the day with other lessons interspersed such as Activities to activate concepts such as putting together a puzzle, creating order in a space, or reviewing sequence of events to see where change could have been made and creating a new order of behavior.

Concept Mastery: Order

Concept Mastery: Change

Concept Mastery: Sequence

Davis Concepts for LifeSM Program

The Davis Concepts for LifeSM Program was developed for anyone who wants to create meaningful change in their life. A student works individually with the facilitator at each participant’s preferred pace and can be tailored to their specific needs and goals. Clients have the opportunity to work on their goals by experiencing, reflecting on and mastering a series of essential life concepts, which they model in clay and then explore in the world around them. The process promotes self-responsibility and personal growth.

This program is recommended for students who:

    • Individuals who are open to self-development and wants to create meaningful change in their life by exploring and mastering the mechanics that make up motivation and self-responsibility.

    • Individuals who experience challenges with executive functioning skills, stress, anxiety, reduced focus, self-regulation, and behavior management

    • People who struggle with forming and maintaining positive relationships

Concepts for Life is a longer program than the Attention Mastery Program, while Attention Mastery is completed in 30-hours and done in a more intensive schedule, the Concepts for Life program is typically closer to 60-hours.  

Just like all Davis programs it starts with learning self regulation strategies and tools then moves on to instill missing life concepts through clay work. Concepts include: self, change, consequence, before and after, cause and effect, time, sequence, order and disorder (these first 11 are the same as Attention Mastery Program), continue, survive, perception, thought, experience, energy, force, emotion, want, need, intention, motivation, ability, control and responsibility.  Finally, the student will begin implementing meaningful change.  The desired changes will depend on each person’s specific needs, capacity and situation.

Skills learned and strengthened:

    • increased self-awareness

    • better able to manage stress

    • an increased ability to focus for periods of time

    • able to monitor and self-regulate their energy levels

    • improved ability to listen and take in what is being said

    • greater insight into the relationship between cause and effect

    • improved time management

    • better organization and ability to complete tasks

    • the ability to establish order in their environment and daily life

    • awareness of the role that emotion plays in self-motivation

    • the ability to apply a framework to establish self-responsibility

    • recognition of different types of relationships, and what constitutes acceptable behaviors within them, and

    • the enhanced ability to make decisions based on what is right or wrong for Self. ​

Information above for Davis Concepts for LifeSMcame directly from the Ron Davis Autism Foundation website. Copyright 2020.  All rights reserved.

Davis Concepts for LifeSM – Early Years
The program uses a team approach to supporting the child, with their support person being coached and empowered alongside the child.  This program covers the Davis Life Concepts up to “order/disorder”.

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