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Dyslexia Programs:

At Learning Tools, we use the Davis® Methods.  The programs utilize methods that match a dyslexic’s strengths. Hands-on, three-dimensional, and creative activities guide the student to gain significant improvement.

All program work with a student is conducted one-on-one with the facilitator.

Throughout the programs, the students are given tools to assist them. The tools, techniques, and procedures are unique and differ from traditional classrooms so students find these fun to do.

Clay is one of the main mediums used, allowing the student to use natural strengths of creativity, artistry, and visual-spatial thought process. Clay provides the ability to create and explore experientially, their own 3-dimensional pictures for unclear or unknown words and concepts.



In-Person Screening

An in-person screening assessment can be done in the Bothell/Woodinville office.  Assessments cost $300 and are about 90-minutes.  The testing includes reading, writing, spelling, math, and attention.

Online Testing/Screening

Online screening from the Davis Dyslexia Association is available through this link: Dyslexia Test/Online Screening.

An in-person assessment and screening is done at the first meeting to ensure that a Davis Program will be appropriate for the student.

Dyslexia Coaching

Sophia provides Dyslexia Coaching as an hourly consultant to parents, grandparents, teachers, and coaches.  The coaching is a separate and distinct offering from any Davis® Programs.

Parenting Skills Course

Sophia offers a 7-week Parenting Skills course designed by Beth Currie-Shier to parents who have had children participate in a Davis® Program in the past.  This course is a separate and distinct offering from any and all Davis® Programs but does utilize skills and concepts the children have already learned during their programs.

Autism Programs:

The Davis Autism Approach® is a non-invasive, gentle approach that can be tailored to address the varying degrees of need. Ron Davis, an autistic genius, developed these incredibly powerful interventions to help transform the lives of autistic people and their families.

Student learns simple, highly effective self-regulation tools and practices for stress management, energy regulation, and enhancing focus.

All of the programs have a core component of actively creating important life concepts out of clay and explored in the surrounding environment enabling the student to integrate their experience and build a framework for understanding the world around them.


  • Davis Autism Approach® – for ASD individuals 8+
  • Stepping Stones: Beginning Steps to the Davis Autism Approach program – for ASD individuals under 8 or with low/no verbal ability
  • Stepping Stones 2 –  for those your have completed Stepping Stones 2, but not yet ready for the Davis Autism Approach program




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    Call for a free phone consultation 206-451-7102 or email to schedule an appointment info@learningtoolsforlife.com. Assessment includes separate time with both the student and the parent(s) and determines needs, goals, and compatibility with a potential Davis® program.

    In addition to contacting me directly you can read the following books to learn more:

    The Gift of Dyslexia, by Ronald D. Davis: Better understand the dyslexic learner (or visual-spatial)

    The Gift of Learning, by Ronald D. Davis: Outlines dyslexic (or visual-spatial) learner and handwriting, math, and attention deficit issues.

    Autism and the Seeds of Change, by Abigail Marshall with Ronald D. Davis.

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