Autism Programs

The Davis Autism programs are non-invasive, gentle approaches that can be tailored to address the varying degrees of need. Ron Davis, an autistic genius, developed these incredibly powerful interventions to help transform the lives of autistic people and their families.

Student learns simple, highly effective self-regulation tools and practices for stress management, energy regulation, and enhancing focus.

All of the programs have a core component of actively creating important life concepts out of clay and explored in the surrounding environment enabling the student to integrate their experience and build a framework for understanding the world around them.

Program Philosophy:

  • embracing and celebrating neurodiversity,
  • respecting every individual,
  • nurturing growth, and
  • building on each person’s strengths to overcome challenges.

Davis Autism Approach®

For autistic individuals over the age of 8 and their support people

The goal of the Davis Autism Approach® program is to allow individuals with Autism to orient themselves to, and better understand, the world around them to participate fully in life.

The Davis Autism Approach is a 3-part program:

1. Individuation  – I am a separate being.
Creating an awareness of self by assisting individuals in becoming oriented in the world, using a variety of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic methods.  Bringing ones’ physical, thought, instinct worlds into balance.

2. Identity Development  – Who am I?
Learning about ‘life’s natural lessons’ by creating models in plastalina clay and exploring these concepts in the environment.  These lessons have been missed or only partially learned

3. Social Integration – How do I relate to others in the world?
Focused on building social awareness through exploring the different types of relationships we have with others, allowing those with ASD to participate more fully in life.

Davis® Stepping Stones: Beginning steps to the Davis Autims Approach Program

Stepping Stones program is the beginning steps to the Davis Autism Approach Program for those under 8 years, or with low/no verbal ability.

The program works with the child’s support person (fully facilitated or facilitated/coached options).

There are four steps to the Stepping Stones Program which navigates each participant through a sequence of essential early childhood development stages.

      • Step 1: Tools for the helper
      • Step 2:  Awareness of Self
      • Step 3: Davis Stepping Stones Life Concepts
      • Step 4: Integration of Life Concepts

Davis® Stepping Stones 2

This program picks up where Stepping Stones finishes, it is for those students still not ready to move onto the Davis Autism Approach Program.  It is suitable for, Autistic individuals around the age of 8, or with or with low/no verbal ability and have completed Stepping Stones

                • Self Regulations Tools for the student
                • Additional Life Concepts
                • Integration of Life Concepts

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A peak into an Autism Program session

    • Review previous days work
    • A new life concept is introduction
    • Observe facilitator demonstrate and find examples of the concept
    • Exploring the office for other examples of the concept
    • Work with clay to create a representation of the concept work
    • Explore the environment for ore examples of the concepts. Might include walks to a park to observe people, visit to store, or playing with a toy. Activities depend on caring needs and skills of individuals.
    • Create experiences of the concept
    • Master the concept through a process with the clay model representation
    • This cycle of work is continued throughout the program until the concepts of the program are completed.
      Other lessons and concept activation activities are done during the program, such a creating order in a space, creating a new model of behavior and motivation and responsibility exercises.

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