Dysgraphia Tutoring:

We believe dysgraphia is another symptom of the umbrella of Dyslexia and thus are able to work with it throughout any of the programs offered here at Learning Tools.  During the initial consultation, symptoms of dysgraphia will be assessed, and if needed an additional day will be added onto the main program and instruction will be daily throughout the program week.

When a dyslexic experiences issues with writing we call that dysgraphia.  Spelling issues and illegible handwriting are what is most often thought of when referring to dysgraphia.

Some signs to watch for if you are wondering if it is dysgraphia are:

    • Cramped fingers and hand
    • Non-standard pencil grip
    • Heavy erasing and ripped paper
    • Inconsistency in letter and word spacing
    • Inability to write in a straight line, a letter will float or go over the lines.
    • Inconsistent letter size.
    • Inconsistent use of capitalization.
    • Lines of the letters not connecting