Reading Help

Is your child struggling with reading?

Looking for reading help for your child?

Does teaching phonics frustrate her and you?

Does your child rely on pictures and make up words?

Do words like the, and, they seem to be ignored or guessed at?

Have you considered that your child could possibly be dyslexic?

Reading help using a meaning based method NOT a phonics approach

Learning Tools provide reading programs for children as young as 5 years of age using the Davis® methods. Davis Dyslexia Correction Program® and Davis® Young Learners program are programs designed to use your child’s inherent skills and abilities to learn words through mastery, not rote memorization or sounding it out with phonics.

The dyslexic mind uses non-verbal conceptualization for thinking, or in other words, they think mainly in pictures, not words. Learning to read with sounds is not a method that works well for many dyslexics, their creative picture-thinking minds need reading help by seeing a picture of the meaning of a word.

What does that mean, let us take the word with the following letters, “c”, “a” and “t.” If one sounds that out, they hear /kat/, and the image of a furry feline comes to mind.  But what happens if one reads “a”,”n” and “d?”  What image comes to mind with /and/? Well for a beginning reader “and” probably doesn’t produce a  picture and the word, how it looks (i.e. its spelling) isn’t remembered easily because it doesn’t produce a picture and is quickly forgotten.

Creative methods bring the meaning of words quickly and permanently

Davis methods use symbol mastery® to bring meaning to words that don’t have naturally occurring “pictures” for dyslexics. These words we call trigger words, and once they are mastered reading struggles become a thing of the past.

Intrigued?  Do you want to learn more?

I am located in Seattle Washington and will travel throughout the state and Alaska to provide programs.  This website should answer most of your questions, but if you don’t want to look through the pages, watch the videos to learn more but prefer to talk to someone, please pick up the phone and give me a call, I am always happy to give a free phone consultation.  If you are located outside of Alaska or Washington, please click HERE for a list of Davis Dyslexia Facilitators around the world and find the one nearest you.

Contact me at 206.451.7102 or by email.