Do you do Testing?

Do you do Testing?

Learning Tools provides pedagogical (learning) assessments not official educational testing.  

The pedagogical assessment is 90 minutes and costs $300.

The assessments have the student do some reading, math, and writing.  It is often seen by the student as “testing” but it is less of a test but an observation of how the students follow directions, and their skills and abilities.  The goal is to see how they think and learn and where they are struggling.  The testing includes the following:

Student and Coach time:

    • Questionnaire rating strengths and abilities
    • Reading – San Diego Quick Assessment (SDQA)*
    • Reading aloud for 5-10 minutes at SDQA instructional level*
    • Comprehension questions*
    • Math – 2 equations for adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division*
    • Writing – 2-3 sentences, if the student writes in cursive in both print and cursive
    • Dominance evaluation – ie. left/right handedness, as well as  eye, ears, feet
    • Tossing of bean bags or other midline crossing activity
    • Balancing

* Adjustments are made for 5-7-year-old children in amounts/levels based on a conversation with parents.

Report to parent/student via email the following day:

    •  Written pedagogical assessment review including:
      • dominance profile
      • thinking style
      • SDQA results
      • motivation remarks
      • program recommendations (if a program is advised).